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ISBN# 9781419909597
April 2007
Ellora’s Cave
54 Pages
Quickie / Menage a trois or More / Contemporary
Rating: 4 cups

Callie lives with her two sexy roommates that she met in college. For the last year she has been having erotically charged dreams about them. She wishes for a ménage with them but, not sure what they will think if she actually asks them, and not wanting to ruin their friendship, she makes another choice. Callie instead decides to go on vacation to Hayden, a sex resort, where any fantasy can come true.

Derek and Brian have been close friends with Callie for years. Each has wanted Callie sexually for some time, and they have shared women before. However, like Callie, they are concerned about what getting involved sexually will do to their friendship, which they value very much.

When Derek overhears Callie making her reservation for Hayden, and the sexual scenario she wants to set up, he gets an idea. Getting together with Brian, they each make their own reservations with the intention of making Callie’s fantasy come true. Will Callie be able to accept the switch from fantasy to reality? What happens if she falls in love with one of them? Will the other be able to step aside?

Callie’s Sexy Surprise is an erotically charged read! The lovemaking is sensual and raw, making this a book to be savored. Callie’s reaction when she realizes she is about to get her fondest wish is comical. Her reaction is very realistic, and indicative of a well thought out story. Derek and Brian are just a couple of regular guys who may get lucky and discover that the girl of their dreams was right under their noses all along. This is the second book by Ms. Michaels that I have had the pleasure to read, and I will be reading more in the very near future, as she never disappoints!

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