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Leopard Series
Fever (a compilation of The Awakening and Wild Rain)
BOOK 1: The Awakening (story in Fantasy & Fever)
BOOK 2: Wild Rain (story also in Fever)
BOOK 3: Burning Wild
BOOK 4: Wild Fire
BOOK 5: Savage Nature

ISBN#: 9780515146233
April 28, 2009
Jove Books, published by The Berkley Publishing Group, a division of Penguin Group (USA) Inc.
480 Pages
Paranormal Romance/ 18 And Up
Rating: 5 Cups

According to the public eye, Jake Bannaconni had the perfect childhood. With wealthy and influential parents, he seemed to be the typical spoiled boy. Behind closed doors, his life was different, filled with emotional, physical, and mental abuse so extreme it led to murder.

Newly married couple Emma and Andrew Reynolds were on their way to dinner one evening and never made it. Due to a drunk driver, they were in a horrendous accident with Emma being the only survivor along with the unborn child her husband never got to know about. When an enigmatic stranger steps forward to help her pull through her sorrow and anguish, Emma willingly follows.

Two years have passed since the fateful night brought Emma and Jake into each other’s lives. While her title is housekeeper, Emma has come to see Jake as a friend, someone she cares deeply for. Out of the blue her body changes how she sees this dominating alpha male. His very presence screams to her awakening needs, leaving her shaken as what to do. When Emma learns about the secret that Jake has carried, the ability to shift into a leopard and the people who are out to destroy them, will she run from him or accept him as no one else has?

Burning Wild, which is a part of the Leopard series, can be read as a standalone. Ms. Feehan has outdone herself in her writing, bringing the story of two people who have survived tragedy together in this sensational novel. The horrible abuse that Jake is raised with brought such an air of sadness; as he got older, his naïveté toward everyday happiness was such a contrast with his bad boy personality. How a woman like Emma, someone beautiful from the inside out, brought the simple pleasures into his life was so achingly and exquisitely told, it left me breathless with wonderment. If you pick just one book this year to read, make it this stunning story of survival that will have your heart aching, tears tracking down your face, and at times make you smile from ear to ear.

Caution: This tale contains vulgar language, light BDSM, some blood and gore, and red-hot romance!

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