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ISBN# 9781419910548
April 20, 2007
Ellora’s Cave
138 Pages
Vampire/Menage a trois or More
Rating: 5 cups

Brea Maguire is a beginning private investigator and has taken on the case of finding an antique called the Triad. When she goes shopping at a local mall, she is kidnapped by two gorgeous hunks. Terrified out of her mind, but with her sense of humor intact, she does her best to try and get away. There is only one problem; these guys need her for more than her P.I. skills, and they are willing to do whatever it takes to keep her.

Dayne and Marek are two vampires who have been compelled to blood bond. Neither trusts the other completely, but both feel they have no choice but to use Brea to complete them.

When Brea is coerced into a three-way sexual and blood bond with Dayne and Marek, she is not happy about the situation. While the sex is blistering, the longer she is with them, the more her feelings change. When they make it clear they need her P.I. skills too, things really get murky. But this trio has more enemies than they are aware of. Will Brea choose to stay with the pair and complete the bond, or will she walk away?

Burning Hunger is gratifyingly scorching hot when it comes to the love scenes, but tender too, which I really enjoyed. Ms. Taylor has a gift for giving her characters just the right amount of humor to make them rip roaring funny. Brea had me cracking up throughout the entire book with her attitude! Reading about Dayne and Marek’s dance to get Brea to agree to the bond was one to be savored. I also really enjoyed how they handled Brea’s secret fantasy and helped her heal from a devastating experience related to that fantasy. This is one book you will not want to miss!

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