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September 2004
ISBN: 0-9755888-0-X
Kittycat Books
Price: $4.99 and 6.99
24 pages
Children’s Picture Book
Rating:  5 Cups

While fetching water from the stream, Ryan sees an egg that pops out of the mud, he puts it in his bucket and runs home to show his mother. After a while it hatches into a baby water dragon who now becomes Brother Dragon. How do you raise a dragon anyway? Ryan and his mother are now about to teach Brother how to be a dragon.

Ryan and his mother have lived near the swamp for years and always they make sure they are home by dark, otherwise they might become dinner for the water dragons.

Brother Dragon is a story that tells of the kindness of the human spirit and how a little boy can change anyone’s perspective. Ryan has always been afraid of water dragons, yet he now has one as a brother and even though he is a dragon, Brother still knows how to love those he has grown up with and will protect them from danger, no matter how far away he is. This story will certainly be one children will enjoy for time to come, just as I enjoyed it.

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Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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