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ISBN#: (10)1400070325/(13)9781400070329
May 20, 2008
WaterBrook Press (Imprint of Random House)
12265 Oracle Boulevard, Suite 200, Colorado Springs, 80921
$19.99 U.S./$22.99 Canada
256 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Caitlyn never played with children. She knew at the age of six she was different. With a slightly disfigured body, and mutated arms, she only feels safe with her Papa. When she is taken to a surgeon to try to help her, her Papa decides against the idea.

Mason Lee is a bounty hunter who makes good use of a roll of duct tape once he takes his prey captive. He does not care how much torture he inflicts on anyone until he gets any information he believes is necessary for his cause.

Caitlyn is surprised as the years pass that her Papa never allows any surgeries performed on her. He always protects her from anyone. The mutations on Caitlyn grow like a cancer while her appetite for milk and meat grows worse. Her Papa tries to keep her safe. Even as he speaks reassurances, blood hounds hunt them. No matter what happens, Papa cannot allow her to be taken dead or alive, or fall into the hands of Mason Lee. Mason is a bounty hunter who is ruthless and pure evil. No one escapes him. When Papa feels the hounds are too close, he separates himself from Caitlyn. In her escape, Caitlyn runs into Billy and Theo, who is her destiny. Caitlyn must make it to the Outside before Mason has her in his clutches. Caitlyn soon learns anyone who tries to assist her is also hunted. She can only hope to find safe passage while wondering why her father betrayed her, leaving her on her own.

Broken Angel is a fast-moving read keeping the reader on-the-edge-of-the-seat. It was so engaging, with many twists and turns, and I was surprised with every turn of event, especially with a vicious man like Mason hot on her trial. It carries a touch of the apocalyptic to it, making it even more of a page-turner. Caitlyn is a tough character who still is a bit vulnerable as she draws strength from her Papa. The chase with the blood hounds is incredible. The myriad of cast members lend strength to the storyline, each character with a trait that makes the read even more remarkable. Sigmund Brower has crafted a spine-tingling read that leaps through the air. With the addition of fundamentalists and suspense, he creates an extraordinary masterpiece.

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