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ISBN# (10)0373802404/(13) 978-0373802401
July 2006
Luna (Harlequin)
233 Broadway, New York, NY 10279
384 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Wren Valere does not have a trouble-free life as she struggles with a career along with a relationship. Now the deal that her partner Sergei made with the devil to keep her safe from the Council of Mages, threatens her livelihood and creates a whole terrible Summer for her.

Sergei Didier, business partner to Wren, was hired to do a ‘little job’ that the Silence had hired them for when they went to Italy to Retrieve the Nescanni parchment. Now he learns their investigation leads them to various leaders where anger suddenly erupts.

To some, Wren is considered a thief, when in all actuality; she is really a Retrieval Artist, who just happens to be a Talent that can change her powers into magic. Now it appears her life has just become more chaotic when she is approached to retrieve a piece of jewelry. Anna Rosen is a Null with no Talent but wishes for Wren to retrieve the jewelry that belonged to her mother and now is in the possession of her stepmother, but no sooner as Wren accepts the case, mayhem seems to erupt in Manhattan. She and Sergei are tossed into helping their friends and the population when chaos develops between the non-human Manhattan population and the Mage Council. There is only one thing that Wren feels can help her city and that is to recommend some sort of coalition between the fatae, (the non-humans) and the lonejacks (mages who are not allied with the mage council) if they wish to have any chance of survival against the Council. Someone is trying to pass the blame to the Magic Council and now Wren and Sergei must forge ahead and prove to the others that steps can be taken to bring an alliance, and put a stop to the turmoil while searching for the artifact that Anna needs.

Bring It On is full of action, adventure, non-humans, humans and magical beings that transports the reader into a fascinating world to survive. Wren is constantly active if not with a case then with her relationship with Sergei. She is a strong and motivated individual. The reader can almost get a feel of her sensations as she tries to make her relationship work with Sergei. Ms. Gilman paints a fantasy that depicts a visual description of an accelerated world full of intrigue. I love how she cleverly pens some of the electronic devices with the use of magic. This is an entertaining romantic fantasy that also exhibits the importance of how one will go to make sure friends, and even the population of the world, will find a way to get along and survive.

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