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ISBN# 1-59836-058-2
June 2005
Venus Press
69 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Shayna is psychic and knows something wicked is coming for her. When it happens, she wakes up on the planet Eliscean Prime as a breeder, producing children to save the Eliscean race from extinction. Unfortunately Elisceans look down upon breeders as lower than scum, and to make matters worse she is attracted to her new owner, making her thoughts about escaping more difficult.

Tyron feels that Shayna is his calling mate and the only one who can prevent his dragon from taking over. While reading Shayna’s mind he is thrilled, knowing how strong he affects her sexually. The fact that his mate is nothing but an earthling causes great disruptions in his life, and possibly for his planet.

When the High Regent, Tyron, names an earthling as his mate, no one is happy. Shayna still is not convinced she would not be better off back on earth. As the two grow to appreciate each other, will their love protect them against an evil queen bent on their destruction, and can they save the population?

Breeders is an entertaining dragon story that shocked me at the beginning, then had me
clicking down the pages to read faster. I love how Shayna adapts without changing personality, and how Tyron is ready to give up everything for her. Their often moving interactions augment the quick action of the story without either overshadowing the other. Dialogues are outstanding, and the background characters keep the story moving. A great plot line with a subplot of bigotry, along with substantially hot sex, is what the readers of Breeders will receive, and this will become a new addition to their keeper files.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance


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