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ISBN#: 9781600883132
September 2008
Cobblestone Press
36 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Josh Swan is about to lose the one thing that matters most to him--his hot air ballooning business. He’s losing it to the one person who does not deserve it--his ex-wife, Abigail.

Michael O’Shaunnesy is on the run from a jealous and controlling ex-lover. Spotting the large black swan balloon may save his life. Finding Josh may save his soul.

Josh is searching for the mate of his dreams, preferably a man with shapeshifting capabilities. Michael has stolen back his money from his ex-lover/business manager. They are both running from something, yet, as fate may have it, they run toward each other.

Josh and Michael are a couple that, while believable, still holds a fantasy quality. Ms. Scott writes the characters in such a way that their flaws are apparent to the reader, yet makes the characters more endearing. This story is full of romance, broken dreams, revenge and suspense. The reader finds themselves wanting, no, needing to continue to discover the outcome. The sex is hot and dirty. This book will leave the reader feeling a bit… breathless.

Caution: This title contains steamy sex, graphic language and red-hot romance.

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