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ISBN# 1-4199-0382-9
November 2007
Lulu Press
40 Pages
Multicultural, Erotic, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Devin firmly believes that love only causes heartache. She has seen it first hand with her parent’s marriage as a prime example. She feels the best way to keep from getting hurt is for her to leave a relationship before she can fall too deep.

Erik is convinced that Devin is the woman for him. She is everything he ever wanted in a woman and he is deeply in love with her. Only, she has run from him and he now needs a chance to show her they belong together.

Erik wants a commitment from Devin, a commitment she cannot give him. She runs instead. Erik needs to prove to Devin that love is not always hurtful, but Devin has her mind made up about love and is not willing to change it. Can these two meet somewhere in the middle in order to have a fulfilling relationship or is this a lost cause?

This book is hot, steamy and sexy. Wow! It sets off the fire alarm it is so hot. This is a story that hits so fast and furious it is over almost as soon as it begins. Yet it leaves the reader with a feeling of satisfaction. Interesting characters and a great story concept make Breaking Down a remarkable and entertaining read.

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