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ISBN#: Paperback-9780446541923/E-book-9780446551984
May 1, 2009
Forever, an imprint of Hachette Book Group
352 Pages
Romantic Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Ruby Scott is what some would consider a person who needs to be in control at all times. Being an event planner, her ideal setup is to always stay on task and keep everything nice and organized. Then she meets a sensual and handsome man, an up and coming rock star that oozes sex wherever he goes.

Mark St. Crow knows that as a singer in a popular band, he could walk out of any party with the girl of his choice. When he sees the deliciously older event planner, he knows that is who he wants. There is something about her business-like suit and tightly controlled hair that shouts she wants to be controlled.

After an intense night of bondage and submission, Ruby figures this is the last time she will ever see Mark. Not one for a fling, she knows that to stay with him would more than likely mean he would break her heart. Mark has other plans and goes about getting past her defenses, ready to take her wherever her needs may be. After one extremely bad fight, Ruby decides to surprise Mark in Germany, instead, she finds herself shocked with what she sees, not knowing that sometimes you need to trust your partner and that seeing is not always believing.

Bound to Please is a sensory overload, a gripping novel with the complexity to keep you on your toes throughout the book. Ms. Feisty has written a wonderful story about how a woman’s life is controlled by past actions, and the man who can break down her defenses in the most erotic ways. The only parts I did not like were when Mark mentions something in the book about himself, and then later Ruby asks him a question that he has answered previously. This story will take you from lavish and elegant parties for the wealthy, to a highly erotic sex club where everything goes; restaurant sex scenes with stunning sensuality; posh hotel rooms in foreign countries; and even an intense quickie in a bathroom that will steam up any mirror. This tale of love is highly erotic, oozes tons of sensuality, and is definitely a hot read for anyone.

Caution: This tale contains BDSM, vulgar language, anal foreplay, sex toys, one scene of F/F, older woman/younger man, sexual scenes involving food, and is one heck of a red-hot romance!

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