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The Dark Crescent Sisterhood Series

Book 1: Bound by Shadow
Book 2: Bound by Flame
Book 3: Bound by Light
Book 4: Captive Spirit
Book 5: Captive Soul
Book 6: Captive Heart

ISBN# 978-0-345-49853
July 2008
Ballentine Books/A Division of Random House Inc.
1745 Broadway, 18th Floor, New York, New York 10019
412 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Riana Dumain is a Sybil and warrior priestess for the light. Her job, along with the other two Sybils who live with her, is to fight evil magic. She uses both science and magic to help defeat anyone who is using evil magic for their own ends. She and her fellow Sybils have been working with Andy, a cop who works for the Occult Crimes Unit, without telling her who and what they are.

Creed is Andy’s partner, but he is more than that. Creed has something he calls “the other” living inside him and he will do whatever it takes to keep it under control. He knows what lives inside him is evil; this is one of the reasons he works for the Occult Crimes Unit; it is his way of atoning for what “the other” has done.

When a small boy is murdered in a ritual killing, Riana and the other Sybils know it has to have something to do with the Asmodi, a type of demon that has power over an element and that for the most part can look like a human. However, the only way to get information is to work with Andy, Creed’s partner. When Andy brings Creed to meet Riana and her sisters, Riana knows almost instantly about “the other.” She and her fellow Sybils set out to capture Creed and then begin trying to find out if he is working with the Asmodi, a type of demon. The only problem is, Creed cannot answer any of their questions because he himself does not know what “the other” is. When Riana and her sisters get more than they bargained for when “the other” takes control of Creed, Riana decides maybe they had better study him and figure out just what he is. As if they do not have enough problems, Riana and Creed fall in love, but Riana does not see how they can be together because she knows her house mother will not give her permission to be with Creed. Will they figure out who killed the child? Will Creed find a way to control “the other” so that he and Riana can be together? Or will they lose each other?

Bound by Shadow is great paranormal romance! The world building is incredible. The sexual tension between Riana and Creed is explosive and had me wondering from one minute to the next if Riana was going to have to kill the man she loved, or if she could find a way to save him. I liked how Riana was able to see the man in Creed and separate him from “the other.” This helped to make the story much more believable and realistic. I also liked how Ms. Windsor brought out that it is important to use both science and magic to solve their problem. If you enjoy the Magic series by Cheyenne McCray then you will love Bound by Shadow!

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