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ISBN# 0-9770107-0-8
June 2005
Vintage Romance Publishing
107 Clearview Circle, Goose Creek, SC 29445
Trade paperback
253 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Katy O’Connel survived the orphan trains.  As an adult, she works as a hotel maid.  She becomes entranced by the newspaper article on Calum Branager, an immigrant who made good in America.  Katy becomes one of the orphan train riders, protecting youngsters moving across the country.  Her infatuation with Calum remains intact until she discovers he may be using children as slave labor.

Calum works hard to avoid failing his family and friends.  A successful businessman, he is pushing his endurance as he and his best friend expand into coal mining.  At first glance, he is taken by the lovely Miss O’Connel and wonders how to convince her he is not abusing children in his mines.  

Katy devotes her life to helping those forced onto the orphan trains. Her need to protect
the children forces her to face Calum head on with charges of forced labor.  While he fights to prove his innocence to Katy and find the stolen children, the two can not help but wonder if the attraction they feel is real.

Bound By Hope is a classic historical romance.  In Calum, Ms. Surbeck has written the quintessential hero who is perfect for the determined Katy.  Though definitely not sensual; this is a sweet, interesting, and compelling read.  The interactions of Katy and Calum are beautiful.  While the story does take dramatic turns, the caring between the two is what keeps me reading.  The dialogue and backgrounds of the main characters are fully developed, and supporting characters are involved just enough to support the story.  There are no unanswered questions, but Katy and Calum could have a second story about their interesting future.  For readers who do not need a sexy romance but one with strong leading characters and an interesting plot line, this is the keeper book for you.  

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



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