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ISBN#: 978-1-934614-36-5
September 2008
Calderwood Books
294 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Isabella O’Shea feels heartsick when she must leave London and her parents. Sydney Town Australia will never be her home and being someone’s servant will not be a happy time.

Tiger Carstairs is seeking a woman to keep the house clean and stomachs full. He has a Governor’s letter allowing him to choose the woman he wishes and one look at Isabella, and he wants no other.

Isabella is brought to the colony of Sydney to be auctioned off. As far as Isabella is concerned, she is just a prisoner waiting for her new master. She had been sent to prison for attempted murder when in fact she was only trying to steal food to feed her family but was falsely accused. She is Tiger’s choice but is not happy going with an Englishman. She has one request. Since Dougal Jackson was with her on the ship, she wishes him to work on Tiger’s land, too. Tiger’s growing attraction for Isabel is only fueled by the presence of Dougal. When Tiger tries to seduce her, will Isabella give in to his charms or turn to Dougal for comfort?

Blue Haze is a remarkable read. I love how powerful the two main characters excel in this wonderful tale. They know how to stand their ground with each other throughout any obstacle then come out winning, even through pain and sorrow. They seem to gather more strength each time they hit a stump in their relationship. Tricia McGill pens an interesting read, a well-crafted plot and a place that carries the reader right into the center of the story. I can tell Ms. McGill did an extensive search in the making of this historical tale. The setting, the characters, and the sizzling romance between Isabella and Tiger are absolutely captivating.

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