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ISBN #978-1-906328-09-2
July 9, 2007
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70 Pages
Erotic Fantasy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Justine Brown was in love with her best friend. What should have been a fairytale was fast becoming a nightmare. The prince seemed to be oblivious to Justine’s feelings for him.

Prince Scott of Vandaria was on a quest to find his princess, and time was running out. He had a week to find a woman with a blue dragon tattoo on her derriere, or lose his kingdom forever.

Justine had consulted her fairy godmother for help. She loved Scott so much she was willing to transform herself to be with him. However, the plan seemed to be backfiring. She was falling deeper and deeper, yet he still could not see what was right in front of him. Scott did not understand why Justine seemed so distant towards him. She was his best friend and he needed her help to find his princess. But the longer it took, the stranger she acted. After a couple of intimate encounters, Scott began to realize that the only one for him was his best friend. Losing his kingdom meant nothing compared to losing Justine.

Cinderella does erotica in this steamy little fairy tale. Justine took on many roles to be with the man she loved. Once she realized that she only needed to be herself, her fantasy came true. Scott like most men was oblivious to what was right in front of him until it was almost too late. When he finally made the connection to Justine and his fantasy women nothing else mattered but loving her. This adult fairy tale makes for a great bedtime story and some really sweet dreams.

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