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January 2007
New Concepts
Price: $3.50
54 Pages
Short Story/Sensual Spicy/Humorous
Rating: 4 Cups

Mavis Maureen Donovan had a pure heart but a stained reputation. At the early age of sixteen, Mavis had the misfortune of being forced into becoming a prostitute. One night, five years later, her bad luck changes when police raid the establishment where she works and a good Reverend takes her for his wife.

Tobias Perkins is the ugliest and meanest man in Cross Bone County. He owns lands and excessive amounts of cattle, and anything he does not own, he holds a mortgage, yet he is not content.

Reverend Dennis Douglas was visiting poor jail souls when he spotted Mavis and immediately fell in love. Mavis saw protection and security in Dennis and accepted his marriage proposal. Twenty years later, with two daughters that never bore a resemblance to Dennis, Mavis finds herself a poor widow, and the elders of the church, booting her to the street. With no place to go, Mavis and daughters, Abby and Bea head west. Taking refuge in a cabin, they soon learn they are considered squatters. Tobias is a bitter man only requesting respect instead of being scourged behind his back and called Blue Beard. After meeting Mavis, it appears he has met his match, in more ways than one, as the two cross paths, and Mavis finds love not only for herself but her daughters, as well.

Blue Beard is a wonderfully written story with so many different well-rounded characters that takes the reader on a tail-spinning journey revolving around many twists and turns that keeps the pages turning. I enjoyed the humor and the fairy-tale like atmosphere. Barri Bryan creates personalities that are a true delight and the courtship she bestows to Mavis and her daughters captivate the mind completely. This unique whimsical story takes a voyage that I savored.

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