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ISBN# 1599985543
August 28, 2007
Samhain Publishing, Ltd
135 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Larry Creswell’s life has never been a charmed one. He always seems to be down on his luck and feels like he never really fits in anywhere. Until he has a daughter, then things change. Although he still maintains the down on his luck part, he tries everything to change it for the sake of his daughter, never realizing that his whole world is about to spin on its axis and his life will never be the same.

Poly Emory has always known that she is different, but not to the fullest extent has she known what and who she really is. Once her true identity comes to light, she will stop at nothing to gain the power she believes she deserves; even using her daughter. What she does not count on is the true identity of her boyfriend, Larry.

Knowing they are different has worked well for Poly and Larry for a little while. But now it is becoming a matter of life and death with their daughter in the center of it all. Poly knows who she is and finds a way to pass through dimensions to get what she feels she deserves, to be queen. Larry has also found a way to pass through and finds the hardest challenges of his life.

What an interesting tale of goblins and faeries, of good and evil. This is a modern spin on an old tale from another time long ago. Told from an interesting point of view that is perfect, this story also has a few strands of humor sprinkled throughout it. Mr. Morris portrays each character with such detail it is very easy to see them for who they are. This is an enjoyable read and a brief mind vacation to a faraway land.

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