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Wing Slayer Hunters Series
Book 1: Blood Magic
Book 2: Soul Magic
Book 3: Night Magic
Book 4: Sinful Magic

ISBN# 9780345506344
February 24, 2009
Ballantine Books, a division of Random House Publishing Group
Mass Paperback
376 pages
Rating: 4 cups

Feeling other people’s emotions and hearing voices no one else can hear is only part of what makes Darcy McAlister feel odd. Being kidnapped by a man who tells her that she is an earth witch and that she is being hunted by witch hunters answers some of her questions, but raises many more.

Being a Wing Slayer Hunter makes Axel Locke a dangerous man. Fortunately, he only hunts demon witches. When he receives the order from his father to kill Darcy, Axel decides to kidnap her in the hope that she can save his baby sister, Hannah.

Axel is bound to protect the earth witches, but with many of the witch hunters turning rogue and killing all witches, he and the rest of the Wing Slayer Hunters are in danger. When a demon witch curses Axel’s father with a death mark, the curse skips over the hunters in the family and hits Axel’s little sister. His only hope is Darcy, an earth witch who does not know that she is a witch. With a quick tutorial, maybe she will be able to save Hannah and Axel’s soul in the process.

The relationships between Darcy and Axel, in addition to their families, are amusing and touching at the same time. Darcy is such a strong woman that when she butts heads with Axel, the fireworks explode. Adventure, magic, mystery and romance entice the reader to fall deeper and deeper into this story. The title alone caught my attention, but the more I read, the more involved I became in the paranormal world the author creates. Ms. Lyon tells a tale of faith, trust and learning to believe in yourself, a lesson many of us can use. I cannot wait to find more of this author’s books on my bookstore shelves.

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