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ISBN#: 9781554872381
February 2009
eXtasy Books
174 Pages
Paranormal, Fantasy, Series, Angels, Demons
Rating: 4 Cups

Ryan Ervin’s life was perfect; a full ride to college, and college hockey teams and professional hockey teams looking to pick him up. Until the day an injury ruined any chance he had of ever playing professionally.

Sable is a Drone, what the Pure Ones consider less than anything. As a turned vampire and not born, she is subjected to vile acts by her sire.

Now Ryan is back in the small town he grew up in, working a deadbeat job and listening to some high school bully try to push him around. After a week of one endless workday after another, he decides to get rip roaring drunk and lose himself in a good woman. Only it ends up not being a good woman, but a very bad Vampiress with a thirst for his life. In steps Sable who saves his life by turning him into a Drone, which results in the Pure Ones attacking and trying to demolish their very existence.

Blood Fever is a great paranormal story, a prequel to Ms. Hecht’s Blood Lust. Ryan is the epitome of what a true gentleman is, notwithstanding the sharp teeth and thirst for blood. Sable is such a cliché, the innocent looking preschool teacher who can kick some major vampire butt. This fast-paced novel is full of passion, adventure, sensuality, and teeming with interesting characters; the only downfall is a little bit of a slow start. Once this tale of eternal love, suffering, and the intricate delegation of castes takes off, just hold on because it will be a fantastic journey for all.

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