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ISBN # (10) 1-59596-272-7
(13) 978-1-59596-272-0
January 2006
Changeling Press
Pages: unavailable
Paranormal/Urban Fantasy/Vampires
Rating: 4 Cups

Kira Jacques is about to shake up her vampire’s world in more ways than one. As his Associate, she is his lifeline to the world night and day. She holds his life, his secrets, nearly everything about him in her hands and she is about to walk away from him. Newly engaged, she arrives one night to tell him good bye and it changes everything forever.

Orion is a lone vampire, an outsider among his kind and one they want back in their folds. He has risked a great deal to keep Associates like Kira in his life and never would he expect one to betray him. On the heels of her engagement announcement, all hell breaks loose and he blames her for it. She has put their very lives in danger and now, he has to decide if she is worth the risk of saving.

Betrayals and power plays turn their lives into a living nightmare and to make matters worse, Kira could die because of it. Unwitting pawns face down forces working against them to see who wins in the end. Both have been used and abused and their fiery attraction further complicates things once they become tied to each other through blood.

This story is a well written suspenseful and sexy piece. Deceit and danger stand in the way of love, trust and a desire that cannot be denied. Throw in hot, hot sex and blazing lust in the middle of the hell about to descend upon them and it makes for one savory read that will not disappoint in the least. Consider this one a must read.

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