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ISBN# 9781419910661
August 30, 2007
Cerridwen Press
138 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Amberly Ross is getting ready to write her first historical romance. All she needs is a little inspiration and a summer alone on Florida’s gulf coast sounded perfect. Her perfect summer is not at all what she expects.

Dylan Hart is the master of horror. His books are best sellers, but with a two year dry spell he is beginning to worry he will never write again. House sitting for a friend seems like a great way to get his creative juices flowing again.

Amberly is shocked and more than a little perturbed when she discovered Dylan is going to be her house mate. To Dylan the feeling is mutual. There is also the odd feeling that someone or something is in the house with them. Each occurrence makes Amberly that much more aware of her feelings towards Dylan. Dylan and Amberly fight to control their attraction for each other, but something keeps drawing them closer. The only thing that is keeping them apart is their fear. Can two people overcome a tragic childhood and a disastrous marriage and find a love that neither had ever experienced before?

The combination of a love story with a bit of the paranormal makes this story a great read. Amberly and Dylan are both great authors in their own right. They are so much alike that they drive each other nuts, but it really gives life to the story. Their characters are easily believable and I found myself wanting to read their books, and hoping they would write one together! Ms. Carnell is on the mark and I will definitely want to read more of her work!

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