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ISBN# 978-1-419-91399-0
November 2007
Cerridwen Press
204 Pages
Romantic suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Convicted of killing her husband, Kathryn McAllister is ostracized by the community, tried and convicted of murder. She spends 4 years in prison for a crime she did not commit until new evidence causes her conviction to be overturned. Now, released from prison, she is determined to prove her innocence and put her husband’s killer away.

Nick DiSalvo came to quiet, small town Elba just to deal in small town crime because he has had enough of working as a cop in New York. Working there helped to destroy his marriage and he feels it is time to move on. The problem is, as the new police chief he finds himself right in the middle of an old murder investigation that turns up more buried secrets by the minute.

At first, Nick is unsure about what Katherine has told him of her husband's murder case but, as he starts digging on his own he soon learns that she is indeed innocent. And more than that discovers he has growing feelings for her as well. Katherine is not sure whom she can trust; she just knows she must uncover the truth and even her growing attraction to Nick cannot get in the way of what she needs to do.

Black Widow is an exciting, suspenseful romance. It has very well written characters who take you on a mysterious and dangerous journey to find a killer. Just when you think you have a grasp on who did it and why, another clever twist pops up. Ms. Breton's Black Widow is a definite keeper for your bookshelf so you can read it again and again.

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