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ISBN# (10) 1-59596-508-4/(13) 978-1-59596-508-0
September 2006
Changeling Press, LLC
13 Pages
Gay/Bisexual, Vampires
Rating: 4 Cups

Riordan, sometimes human but not really vampire yet, is in love with Roarke. He is a bit depressed because he and Roarke are in a shop trying on tuxedos for his ex-girlfriend’s wedding. While he has accepted he is in love with Roarke, it is not an easy thing to get ready for Melinda’s wedding. That is, until Roarke finds the perfect way to distract, as well as remind him of his love.

Riordan’s lover Roarke, a vampire, decides he has had enough of Riordan moping around and instead shows him a whole new use for dressing rooms! Or is it an old one?

While Roarke is doing his best to distract Riordan, they hear another couple in the next dressing room doing the same thing. Roarke suggests a “race” to see who will finish first. Riordan is definitely distracted from his moping and a hot time is had by all.

This is a great m/m love story that I enjoyed reading very much! The sex scenes are hot, sensual, and graphic. The descriptions of dressing rooms and what everybody knows has to be happening from time to time, had me giggling before the story was done. The characters are well written and give the appearance of real people, though there is definitely a fantasy element. This book would be a great selection for anyone’s library.

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