Coffee Time Romance & More






May 2009
Mills & Boon
187 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Time is of the utmost importance for Alissa Scott; she must marry today. Claiming her inheritance is her only recourse if she wants to save her sister’s life.

Anger so bitter and raw that it burns his gut puts Dario Parisi in the foulest of moods. He is sickened by the thought of marrying a Mangano to reclaim his family’s castello, but he will stop at nothing to regain what is rightfully his.

The walls are closing in on Alissa and it takes every bit of strength she possesses not to crumble under the onslaught. She will do anything to get her sister the treatment she needs, even if it means marrying a man every bit as despicable as her grandfather was. Six months and this nightmare will be over, but will she be able to survive with her heart and soul intact? Dario is thoroughly disgusted thinking of how he has been manipulated by the Mangano family, but what disturbs him the most is how his body responds to the redheaded vixen intent on profiting from that manipulation.

I found myself nearly shaking with anger from the very first chapter of this book. The characters are bitter enemies, and while it is admirable that Alissa is trying to save her sister, she is practically whoring herself to do so. The same is true for Dario, in that he feels Alissa is nothing more than scum to be scraped off his shoes, and yet they secretly lust after each other (are you kidding me?). I adore romance novels, but this has little to do with romance, and fairly borders on rape. I must say, however, that Ms. West is an expert at evoking intense emotion from her readers, because whether it is joy or anger, it is certainly not indifference.

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