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ISBN# Unavailable
July 2006
Lady Aibell Press
13 Pages
Dark Fantasy/ Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Andrew Street is the reluctant human companion of vampire Braddock Devoe. Having lost his family, career, home, and friends, he could not risk losing what little remained of himself. Yearning for the closeness of another, he allowed tentatively the embraces of the vampire. Fear of surrendering to Braddock’s caresses kept him distant.

Braddock Devoe was intent on re-educating Andrew, and with each touch of affection, sought to reassure him of his love. With each act of love would come a love bite, until they became synonymous in Andrew’s mind, and until he was no longer afraid of the vampire that is Braddock.

Braddock had no intention of letting Andrew go. This love would last through the ages, so when they did finally make love, Andrew knew without doubt that Braddock would not betray him. Andrew is reassured of Braddock’s love and finally gives in to his growing passions. Will the lure of never ending love seduce Andrew into surrendering his mortality?

Mr. Harrison has written a dark, compelling story of love and desire. Andrew is a broken man in need of the simple act of touch, while Braddock is playing the persuasive game of seduction. The story draws you in with the promise of sensuous deeds committed by hard bodied men. It intrigues while not going too far. It is perfect for those into same sex love scenes with a touch of vampire wiles thrown in. It was an interesting read for a novice to this genre.

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