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ISBN# 978-1-41991-223-8
September 2007
Ellora’s Cave Publications
122 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

One night during a less than wonderful tarot reading, Bijou, the historian of the Brotherhood of the Dog clan, helps in shaming the alpha of the rival Legion clan and local mayor Magnus Pompey. Unfortunately the alpha is discovered to be her mate, and Bijou is expected to bond with him.

Magnus has is own problems, and being shamed is just the beginning. There is turmoil in his pack and finding his mate is one additional complication he does not need. Even if the thought of mating with Bijou suits him perfectly.

Will the two be able to change their plans for the future and accept one another or will the conflicting loyalties work against them? Even more frightening, outside influences are working against them to control the werewolves.

I was intrigued by Bijou’s Bonds as soon as I read the first line of the synopsis: Bijou would see a man’s silhouetted figure writhing on a distant cross for years to come. Call me shallow, but this is hot and the story does not disappoint. I enjoy how the couple uses an understanding of history and politics to move forward. This was woven into the story in a most clever way and is a great part of the book. Again the sex is fantastic and matches the character's behavior perfectly. As Bijou and Magnus work towards an understanding more of the story evolves but the basic sexuality is always at the forefront and keeps the book fast paced and exciting. The background characters are good, and, as this is Ms. Leod’s second in the Torrid Tarot line, I look forward to reading more from her in the series.

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