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ISBN: 1-55404-633-5
January 2009
Carnal Desires Publishing
219 Pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

The years of having an undead life are few for Mika; however, she has learned much more as a child of Jacob and Miriam than most fledglings twice her age. Her innate capacity for knowledge and burning curiosity make her the perfect spy for Clan Chavel.

Most vampires fear little besides exile and their eternal rest, and Hail knows only too well how hard life outside of a clan can be for an exiled vampire. Corbius took him in as a plaything for his child Alexa, but selling his soul to the devil would have been a wiser bargain.

A civil war among the vampire clans is brewing in the city of Haven. The original thirteen clans have been self-destructing since their inception, but tensions have reached a near boiling point. Mika and Hail are on opposing sides in the conflict between Corbius, who wants absolute control, and Dawson, who is trying to take a more diplomatic approach. As the battle lines are drawn, Mika is torn between a love she never dreamed possible, and the survival of her people.

There is a raw and untamed quality to this vampire story that is as refreshing as it is disturbing. All of the elements that you love to hate in a vampire’s nature are on full display and enthusiastically embraced. Mika and Hail’s actions are every bit as distasteful as they are desirable. Pain, pleasure, and power fight for dominance in a story so strong you cannot help but take notice.

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