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ISBN# 9781897445259
December 2008
Champagne Books
271 pages
Supernatural Thriller
Rating: 4 cups

Robert Caulder has always wanted to be an author but has never managed to complete a book. Then, he had a near fatal road accident, recovered from a weeklong coma, and returned home to find he could suddenly write. However, now he writes million dollar horror books, something he had never even read before.

Danielle Greer wants to be a literacy agent. When she finds unpublished author Robert Caulder’s first novel on her desk, she knows he is going to be her road to success.

When Robert writes, he does not know what he is going to write until he reads it on the screen in front of him. He knows something is helping him and believes it to be the medication he received after his accident and when that runs out, Robert turns to other drugs. But it is not just his writing ability that has changed; everything about him has become darker.

Mr Latch has an amazing writing ability. I have not read many books of this standard. His descriptions are clear and colorful; I could imagine what the characters were seeing and feeling. I found myself fascinated by the publishing process, how the author, agent and publisher interacted. I was, however, disappointed that the darker twist to the story was limited to the last few chapters of the book. I think the entity known as Always should have made his presence known earlier.

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