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Love At Stake Series

Book 1: How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire
Book 2: Vamps and the City
Sugarplums and Scandal
Book 3: Be Still My Vampire Heart
Book 4: The Undead Next Door
Book 5: All I want for Christmas is a Vampire
Book 6: Secret Life of a Vampire
Book 7: Forbidden Nights with a Vampire
Book 8: The Vampire and the Virgin
Book 9: Eat Prey Love
Book 10: Vampire Mine
Book 11: Sexiest Vampire Alive
Book 12: Wanted: Undead or Alive
Book 13: Wild About You
Book 14: The Vampire with the Dragon Tattoo
Book 15: How to Seduce a Vampire (Without Really Trying)
Book 16: Crouching Tiger Forbidden Vampire

ISBN# 978-0-06-111844-9
March 27, 2007
Avon Books/An Imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
10 East 53rd Street, New York, NY 10022-5299
384 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Emma Wallace has a grudge against all vampires after psychically seeing her parents killed by them. She has made it her job to wipe out as many of them as she can. With her number at four dead vampires and counting, Emma knows it is only a matter of time before they become wise to her and who she is and try to get the drop on her. However, she has no intention of going down easy. Armed with stakes, she meets Angus Mackay, a vampire, in Central Park. The only thing she is sure of where Angus is concerned is that she is very attracted to him; but is he human or vampire?

Angus is an ancient Scottish vampire who is instantly besotted the first time he sees a picture of Emma, who has earned the name of the “slayer” among his kind. A good guy, unlike the Malcontents who murder humans, Angus ingests his meals from a bottle. He takes on the job of convincing Emma to leave him and his band of good vampires to the job of taking care of the Malcontents. Thinking he will easily convince Emma to stop killing vampires, he finds out soon enough that, mutual attraction aside, Emma has every intention of killing him once she discovers he is undead.

When Angus finally realizes that Emma is serious, he sets about trying to convince her not all vampires are evil. Eventually they come to an uneasy truce, and Angus becomes her partner. It soon becomes clear there are other players, and that someone from Angus’ past has every intention of killing not just Emma but him as well. In the meantime, their attraction turns into something deeper, though Emma is convinced there is no way a relationship between them can work. While Angus tries to convince her otherwise, they are ambushed by their enemies and only time will tell if they survive being captured.

Be Still My Vampire Heart is a hilarious and highly emotionally charged, though very enjoyable, read. Ms. Sparks gives us a humorous look into the world of the undead, where good vampires drink synthetic blood, and the Scottish ones think nothing of checking to be sure they are completely intact after teleporting! However, just like in the human world, there are the good guys and the bad guys, and I found it very refreshing that Ms. Sparks added this dichotomy to her universe. The emotional tug-of-war that Emma feels when she realizes she is in love with a vampire, knowing her parents were killed by them, is at times heart wrenching but in a very satisfying way. Angus’ old-fashioned view of the world and women in general is extremely funny and had me roaring with laughter at times. His admiration of Emma, her will to survive, and her dedication to her mission are heart warming. Ms. Sparks has outdone herself with her Love-At-Stake series and I for one cannot wait to read the rest of it!

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