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ISBN 1-59279-457-2
Amber Quill Press
433 Pages
Science Fiction/Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Aetria, an Adept and former Chief Advisor to General Blaylock, is faced with the problem of training neophytes who have not passed the required tests to study at Inhestia. They are mostly fellow veterans. The threat of another war is very real and all will be needed to fight.

Coleni, Aetria’s twin, though they only met recently, has taken her sister’s place as the general’s chief advisor and the attacks are getting more numerous, with greater amounts of magic. She is also pregnant and might not be able to continue her duties for much longer.

The sisters are facing the biggest challenge of their lives. Apparently, they were not twins, but quadruplets, though one of them died. Their remaining brother is the enemy and is as powerful as they. The sisters find out more about the mystery of their origins as they try to save the world.

This is a well-written and exciting story. I wish I did not feel that I was dropped in the middle. I definitely recommend the previous book be read before this one. There are also a lot of loose ends at the finish of this story, leading me to hope there is a sequel. It would be better if it could stand alone, but I really enjoyed it nonetheless.

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