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ISBN# (10)0425224902/(13)978- 0425224908
December 2008
Berkeley Trade (Imprint of Penguin Group)
375 Hudson Street, New York, NY 10014-3658
336 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 4 Cups

Kira Douglas learns she is adopted when her mother needs a kidney transplant. After she learns she cannot be a donor, the newspaper reporter with the Atlanta Observer, works frantically to find the real daughter that can possibly donate a kidney.

Max Payton is a lawyer for the Westerfield family and corporation. When Kira comes to the home of his client, he believes she has another motive for doing an article about the horseshow. Though smitten with Kira, he must think of his client’s protection.

Kira loves her mother dearly but after learning she is not the true daughter, she is at her wits end. Unless she finds a kidney donor, the mother she loves will die. She will do anything to find the daughter switched at birth and why. With the help of a good friend, she finds a few leads. Kira decides to do an article on Leigh Howard and the upcoming horseshow. Leigh is an heiress with a fifty-million-dollar trust fund, and Kira believes it will make a good story, especially involving the Westerfield’s. It will allow her to meet the other girl switched at birth, the same time she was. The girl she needs to convince to give a kidney to her mother. Kira never anticipated running into Max who not only makes her knees weak, but is determined to find Kira’s real reason to meet with Leigh.

Behind the Shadows has an intriguing plot that hooked me from the first page. There are so many emotions with Kira, that just reach deep into the soul, and it was hard letting her go. I wanted to join in the search to help find answers, along with a kidney to help her mother. This read grips with intensity. I love the part about Kira’s eyes and smile. She and Max share great conversation and little moments that just make this story terrific. Patricia Potter weaves an outstanding secondary cast, and suspense that slowly builds up sending an adrenaline rush in this heart-pounding, electric read. The connection between Leigh and her white mare, well, you just have to read this incredible story to see how it grabs the heart.

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