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ISBN# (10)0-06-147464-9/ (13)978- 0-06-147464-4
December 2008
Avon Books (Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)
10 East 53rd Street, New York, New York 10022-5299
368 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Penelope Porter wanted children but her husband, Glenn, did not, so they divorced. She gets a Havanese puppy, but had no idea it would practically come with the new shop owner. Then she learns he is an ex-con and wonders if she should get involved.

Dylan Mersey opened the shop, Gallery Night, across the street from Pen Perfect, owned by Penelope. When he finds Penelope’s puppy, he returns him, only to feel an attraction for the lovely lady, but wonders will she care as much after learning he is an ex-con?

Since Penelope has no children, she opts for a puppy. Finding a name for him is a different story. Her good friend, Lily, gave her the book, Pride and Prejudice to read, so Penelope calls the puppy Mr. Darcy. Lily wants to set Penelope up on a date, but Penelope wants to try to reconcile with Glenn. After Mr. Darcy is lost, Dylan, who opens the nearby shop, brings him back to Penelope. While preparing for a marathon, Dylan meets Glenn. Not aware that either knows Penelope, Glenn is not shy in telling how he was secretly snipped but never told his ex-wife. Penelope feels Dylan may be the one to help her forget Glenn, until a jewelry store is robbed, putting Penelope in danger. Who will come to her rescue, Glenn or Dylan?

Bedtime For Bonsai is full of delightfully witty moments of laughter. The dialogue is wonderfully done, and the vibrant characters leap off the pages. I love the part where Dylan looks at Penelope as if he could swallow her whole. The situations that Dylan and Penelope encounter are skillfully written, and keep the reader entertained. Ms. Fox cleverly crafts a romance with some hilarious moments, along with some dangerous frolics that give Penelope and Dylan believable characteristics. The way she pens the antics of Penelope and her bumping into Glenn have some perks too, and I was ready to stand in line after hearing some of the things Glenn did. Good job, Ms. Fox; great pacing makes this a fantastic read.

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