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ISBN # 1-933563-03-6-A2
April 2007
Siren Publishing
46 pages
Erotic Contemporary May-December Fairy Tale/BDSM
Rating: 4 Cups

Isadora MacLean is tough as nails, thus her nickname, the Lady Beast. She has worked hard to make her company number one. No one even dares to cross her. Since her divorce, she has had no time in her life for men, until sexy Beau comes along with a proposition.

Beau Brannigan is as handsome as they come. He is the golden child of advertising and, with his looks, can sell just about anything. Given his choice of women, he would prefer Isadora, but she seems to be out of his grasp. That is, until circumstances change in his favor.

Beau comes across a bargaining chip that he hopes will get Isadora to stop ignoring him. He makes a proposition to her; one that she has a hard time refusing. Unknown to him, Isadora has her own secret agenda in the works. Can this proposition work for both of them or will it be the downfall of the relationship before it begins?

Ms. Ashbury has written a wonderful adult fairy tale. The storyline is smooth and believable. The characters worked well together and make a wonderful couple. Trust is an issue and Beau and Isadora have that and offer much more. Beau and the Lady beast is as entertaining as it is sexy.

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