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ISBN# 1-60154-136-8
October 26, 2007
The Wild Rose Press
268 Pages
Contemporary Cowboy/Yellow Rose
Rating: 4 Cups

Cole Grainger is known as the all around bad boy. When he sees a new gal at the RFD Singles dance, he is thunderstruck. She is one sensual female he eagerly wishes to know.

Angela Barnes, Angie, leaves Dixon City after her lying boss ruins her professional opportunities. Moving to Creekside, she hears the rumors of Cole’s philandering ways.

Cole is smitten when he sees Angie. With her incredible sultry appearance that make his body jump at attention. He informs her that she should be banned in Texas. Though flattered by Cole’s remark, Angie wishes to avoid any man. Guys like Cole never made fascinating lifetime partners and never want lasting relationships. A farmer and a rancher, Cole raises cattle and horses. He knows all about the rumors that spread through the town about him. He wonders if Angie has been hurt since she behaves like a skittish mare. Angie still allows the past to trouble her. Fiona, a free spirit, tells Angie to forget the nasty business of the past and move on with a new start. Cole wants to desperately meet her halfway but something barricades him from getting closer. No matter what is troubling Angie, Cole shows how a new start in love can heal an old past.

Banned in Texas is spicy, full of pizzazz and a budding romance that slowly escalates beautifully. I loved the banter between the refreshing characters of Cole and Angie. They carry the reader into wonderful smothering moments that are crafted nicely. Sylvie Kaye gives strength to Cole and Angie as they fight their feelings for the other. This classy read is well-written and had this reader screaming for Angie and Cole to get together. With a multitude of secondary characters that add depth to the storyline, this interesting story is great.

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