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ISBN# (10) 0758220545 / (13) 978-0758220547
October 30, 2007
Kensington Books
850 Third Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10022
256 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Ezekiel (Izzy) Levin is a stickup kid, an urban gunslinger who preys on other criminals, often stealing already stolen property, using violence and intimidation. Oddly introspective, Izzy is starting to question his line of work, notably the incongruity of a profession that calls a thirty-eight year old a kid.

Eva is a social worker with issues of her own, dating back to an oppressed childhood in Trinidad. She bumps into Izzy in a bar after having a particularly bad day, the culmination of a dead addict and a drug-abusing relative. Little does she know that her definition of a bad day is about to be radically redefined.

The story begins with a number of seemingly unrelated characters and events. It quickly becomes clear that a bit of ‘six degrees of separation’ is at work here, and this deepens the connection between Izzy and Eva. The connection continues to develop as events unfold, dragging Eva into the violent New York underworld that Izzy inhabits. Now it is up to Izzy to get them both out. His ex-partner wants to kill them, Izzy for betraying him, and Eva for witnessing a shooting. The odds seem impossible, as Izzy struggles to find a way for them to survive.

Bang Bang is a gritty, in your face, thriller. Set in the backdrop of the New York underworld, the author flavors the story with colorful slang and constant swearing. Although a little over the top at times, it still works well. Izzy is an unlikely hero, yet it soon becomes clear that he only lacks direction. Eva also lacks direction, but together the two of them finally seem to be able to move forward. Against all odds, they connect with each other, a connection that feels real, developing naturally as the story progresses. This is a dark, yet thoroughly enjoyable read.

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