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ISBN# Unavailable
March 2009
Carnal Passions A Division of Champagne Books
54 Pages
Paranormal Erotic Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Charlie is not happy he became a werewolf, and lately, goes crazy once a month over a woman he only knows by scent. While still looking for the werewolf who turned him, he wants his she-wolf, but hesitates over the whole “mate for life” aspect.

Verity has returned to her managerial office just in time for the month shift when she notices Charlie. While a bit overwhelmed by intense feelings, and wary of Charlie’s flirtatious acts, she knows she wants him.

As the couple questions and challenges each other, the one who orchestrated the whole mess is angry that things are not working out as planned. For Charlie and Verity, they have more to worry about than the past.

Bane of His Existence has a unique writing style in that it focuses strongly on one character at a time. It helped me understand how Verity and Charlie were feeling and worked for the short story. It also moved along the dialogue, and that, to me, really made the book. The storyline is clever with an good look at another type of “weres”. The characters' interaction was, I felt, perfect. While on different levels career wise, socially they made a fun and interesting couple. The dog treats are hilarious. Both are a little shy, a little intense and demanding, and at times really sexy. There was a great deal going on in a short story. I loved that no questions were left unanswered and how everything fit together so well.

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