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ISBN#: Unavailable
May 2008
Midnight Showcase
60 pages
Speculative Fiction, Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Romance and Erotica
Rating: 4 Cups

Stephanie Powers, an image consultant, worked hard to gain the position of CEO of Power Imaging. When she overhears a conversation between two of her clients, Stephanie knows she is in danger and runs for her life. Soon finding herself in some sort of parallel universe Stephanie finds herself in the arms of the most gorgeous ... wizard?

Torin is the only wizard in the village, feared by many of the villagers he lives in a small cottage away from the rest of his people. His life consists mainly of helping the villagers – even if they do not like him – and waiting for the wife promised to him in a thousand-year-old prophesy.

As soon as he sees her, Torin knows in his heart that the prophecy has foreseen Stephanie. He has known of the legend most of his life. It states she would come from another world, even the color of her eyes. Now all he has to do is convince her they are destined to be together.

If only all of us could find a magical pathway into such a peaceful world or into the arms of such a talented man! Torin is very confident in not only his own magic but also Stephanie’s ability to do what is needed. Stephanie is shocked when she finds herself in another world, but handles it very well, almost better than she does the revelation of the prophesy. Ms. Donlon Bradley has done it again, another wonderful fantasy story that allows you to get lost in someone else’s imagination.

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