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ISBN# 0-595-40948-2
February 2007
2021 Pine Lake Road, Suite 100, Lincoln, NE 68512
190 Pages
Romance Time-Travel
Rating: 5 cups

Magda McClellan is a young, pregnant and happily married woman living in Scotland in 1718. When she helps a woman accused of witchcraft, the woman, Auld Annie, offers Magda a wish. However, Magda is pleased with her life as it is. She loves her husband Davy and is looking forward to the birth of her first child.

Maggie McDonald is a young and happily married woman living in New York in 2002. Unlike Magda, she is not pregnant but wants to be. She and her husband David have been trying to get pregnant for a year with no luck.

Davy McClellan is Magda’s husband and furniture maker and expert woodcarver. He loves Magda very much and has since they were small children.

David McDonald is Maggie’s husband and a bronze maker and sculptor. Like Davy, he is a master artist.

When both couples living in both times come into contact with the witch Auld Annie, their lives are turned upside down when Annie switches Magda and Maggie’s souls, leaving each trapped in the other’s body and time. While each woman struggles to make the best of a bad situation, their husbands are thrown into confusion by the changes in their wives, and try to figure out what has happened. Things become even more complicated when the similarities between their respective spouses cause them to fall in love with each other all over again. Will Magda and Maggie get their old lives back? What about the wish that the witch Auld Annie gave to Magda?

A Wish In Time is a very unique book. While it focuses mainly on the relationships between the couples, and each wife’s attempts to adjust to a different body, different times and different husbands, or so they think initially, several questions are also posed. Is reincarnation real? If so, how is it possible that the same soul can somehow switch bodies? Is love eternal? I enjoyed this book very much because it satisfied not only my need for a great romance, of which this book has two, but it also attempted to answer questions I have asked about love and reincarnation. I stayed up all night reading it just so I could find out what happens. Ms. Bradley has a gift for giving the reader a look into the minds of two women who while very different are also in some ways the same. The husbands’ upset and confusion is very real, and I could feel their tension at an almost untenable situation. Each world held dangers for the women; in Magda’s world Maggie had to be careful not to appear too different for fear of being accused of being bewitched or a witch herself, and Magda in Maggie’s world had to be careful to not appear too different lest she be put into a mental health institution. Both of these things are a very real possibility in both worlds. A Wish In Time is an outstanding book, and I look forward to reading more from this author.

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