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ISBN# 9780982002568
March 2009
Rogue Phoenix Press
E Book
119 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 cups

Lillian Ross, Lilli, is the new personnel director. She has an unorthodox way of giving presentations and catches the eye of her new boss. When her boss makes an unusual proposal, she at first tries to get out of it but then jumps on board with the idea.

Jay Prescott is Lilli’s boss and he happens to have a grandmother, Mimi, who loves meddling in his life. Mimi wants to see him married to a woman not his career. It is hard for Jay to dream of settling down after seeing his parents’ marriage.

Jay, an architect, is constantly on the road, traveling from job site to job site. It makes it hard on his grandmother when he can only spend an evening with her. She wants to see him settled down and married with a family of his own. Lilli is worried about helping Jay convince Mimi of the relationship between Lilli and Jay. Lilli hates to lie and she does not want to mess up her job.

Grandmothers and the relationships they share with their grandchildren are at the core of this story. Grandmas always believe they know what is best, seldom are they wrong. This is what struck a chord for me. It makes the story even more touching because of the bond between Jay, Lilli and Mimi. Ms. Indra tells a delightful tale with the required dashes of romance and humor.

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