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ISBN 1-55410-112-3
May 2004
Extasy Books
Rating: 3 Cups

AWAKEN TO THE SUN by Emy Naso is an interesting retake of a Welsh fairy tale and another wonderful entry in Extasys Tarot series. AWAKEN TO THE SUN'S focus is the sun and moons battle for dominance, with characters that support and enhance the plot.

This book is an interesting story, mostly well done, and highly creative. The characters have a mythic quality that draws the reader to empathize with them. The storyline is very out of this world but fascinating. As with many fairy tales, logic is sometimes suspended. However, Ms. Naso keeps the book flowing with good character interaction, dialog that supports the story, and chapters that propel the story toward its intriguing conclusion. The ending is where AWAKEN TO THE SUN causes the reader to identify with characters as they face the changes to come.

The only thing that stops this book from being one of my favorites is use of the term and clock to an excessive level, and I would have liked better background on why the sun had disappeared. Barring these, AWAKEN TO THE SUN is a great book, and one I will recommend to any who love a good mythic fantasy.

Anya Khan
Reviewer for Karen Find Out About New Books and
Reviewer for Coffee Time Romance



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