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ISBN# 978-1-934135-66-2
October 2007
Zumaya Publications
328 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Arleigh Avery, spoiled daughter of former pirate Henry Avery, is about to be sent to a convent. This will put a major cramp in her style, so she flees their home in Nassau. Dressed as a deckhand, Arleigh slips onto the boat of the notorious pirate, Captain Charles Vane.

The Reverend Charles Carter joins the crew of the Osprey, which has been hired by Arleigh’s father to find her. He sees it as an opportunity to save the lost pirate souls as well as Ms. Avery.

Before Arleigh leaves her home, she takes jewels and a map from her father’s belongings. She believes that the map will lead her to her father’s treasure that he acquired from his pirating days. Both crews are shipwrecked on an island which is deserted except for one woman, Dominique, who lives there alone. She helps the crew members survive and ends up falling in love. Reverend Carter is ensnared by Arleigh’s charm and beauty and she convinces him to marry her. Dominique cares for Charles and despises Arleigh for seducing him. She agrees to join the crew of the Osprey in the hopes that Charles will see through the devious Arleigh and then she will be there for him. Arleigh and Dominique are wound up in an adventure of their own as they each discover and surprisingly fall in love with two unlikely men.

Avery’s Treasure is an adventure like no other. It has all the classic drama of a pirate tale as well as humor and excitement. The characters are the best part. They are passionate, strong, and creative. In this novel, Ms. Dolan takes the reader on a vast journey from the lush Caribbean to the harsh Carolinas. I especially enjoyed the friction between Dominique and Arleigh and how their relationship progresses. Avery’s Treasure is an amazing and fun romp on the high seas.

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