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ISBN # 978-1-60435-099-7
February 2008
Red Rose Publishing
83 Pages
Contemporary IR Mainstream Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

After ten years of marriage, Tori realizes that she loves her husband but their lives lack excitement. They are more friends than lovers, and have not had sex in 2 years. She wants a change. She wants a boyfriend for Valentines Day.

Christian is Tori's husband and when she brings the idea of a boyfriend to him, he thinks it is because of an affair he had a while back. He reluctantly agrees with one condition; that he is able to watch.

After many failed attempts to find the perfect boyfriend, Tori is almost ready to give up until Christian finds one for her; a man who happens to be an old friend of his. As plans advance, many questions arise. Will this prove to be a huge mistake, or will it work out well for Tori?

A Valentine's Day gift for Tori started out strong but by the end it kind of fell flat for me. The idea of an open marriage was okay, yet the way it played out seemed so unreal and the story lacked depth. Although I liked the characters, I felt there was little, if any, chemistry between them. The children in the story were at a certain age when the story began, but manage to seem much older in their dialogue and that made them not fit in realistically. I like the concept but am not overly impressed by the story which leads me to say you take your chances when deciding to read this. Follow your own preferences.

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