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ISBN# 9781607670117
December 2008
Tease Publishing
E Book
72 pages
Paranormal/ Vampire Interracial Short Stories
Rating: 3 cups

Autumn Moon is the name of a festival which is being celebrated in Chinatown, San Francisco. Autumn Moon also happens to be the name of an acupuncturist who lives in Chinatown. On the way to deliver some moon cakes, a man robs her of her package and leaves Autumn to wonder about the incident.

Jairec Connelly is a man in trouble. While on the search for his brother, Tristan, he is attacked by an old Chinese man and turned into a chiang-shih –- a vampire who has not tasted human blood. A Seer tells him about an elixir of life which will save him. A trip to Chinatown may be a small step in the direction of his destiny.

The elixir of life will bring the two halves of Jairec’s soul back together, but he requires Autumn to help him. There is the problem Tristan's reappearance and the fact that Tristan is working for the man who turned Jairec into a chiang-shih. Raising an army of the undead to take over Chinatown, California, and the world is the mission. Maybe with the help of Autumn and her family, Jairec can be a hero.

There is a page at the end of this story which explains the legend and festival. It gives the reader a better understanding of the book. The tale can be a bit confusing, but this page does a wonderful job of straightening out the facts. This is a very fast-paced piece, but it keeps the reader in the midst of the action. Ms. Nutt does a wonderful job of weaving a legend into the heart this romance.

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