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Moon Pack Series

Book 1: Attracting Anthony
Book 2: Baiting Ben
Book 3: Courting Calvin
Book 4: Denying Dare
Book 5: Enticing Elliott
Book 6: Finding Farro
Book 7: Getting Gabe
Book 8: Hunting Henry

ISBN# 9781934037560
February 2009
Literary Road
39 Pages
M/M Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Anthony Carrow is a young architect who is also getting over losing his lover a few years ago. His best friend is taking him for a night out to get back into the dating scene. He is still grieving over losing Drew and is not yet ready but is here for his friend.

Silver Moon is a nightclub owner for paranormals, including weres and vampires. He is also the Alpha in his werewolf pack. Silver has almost given up looking for a mate and does not go for the pretty boys; he prefers an average looking guy.

Tony is at the club to find his friend Steven a mate; he does not want or expect anything for himself and even casts a spell to downplay his beautiful looks to be safe. Tony is human, but thanks to his mother, he is magical as well. Little does he know that Silver has scented him and is zeroing in for the kill, as in a mate of his own. Silver is normally the bad boy of the group since he is the leader, yet something about Tony makes him react differently. Mates cannot be forced, so it is up to Silver to get Tony to accept him and hopefully mate with him as well.

I enjoyed this lighthearted foray into the world of the paranormal in which magic, wolves, and love all come together in this lively little tale. I love strong Alphas and wolves are one of my favorites, in this case it all meshes cohesively well. If you like hot emotions from your men, then this is the one for you, including beautiful magical beings for a little dessert topping. Wolves mate for life, but do humans is the big question. Get turning those pages to find out the answers.

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