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ISBN: 9780060829698/9780060829704 /9780061571381 /9780061452918
February 2008-Hardcover/January 2009-Paperback
Harper, an imprint of Harper Collins Publishers
Hardcover, Paperback, E-Book, Audio
$24.95-Hardcover, $7.99-Paperback, $19.95-E book, $39.95-Audio
Hardcover-352 Pages, Paperback-375 Pages
Rating: 3 Cups

Serge Storms is an interesting man who lives a dangerous and adventurous lifestyle. As a man who is used to coming up with one hare-brained idea after another, his only true thought is how to make tons of money.

Jim Davenport has a normal life living under his wife’s thumb. When the wife decides she is ready to move, they up and relocate to a beautiful house where everything is supposed to be nice and quiet and normal.

Now there is an ex-convict on the move and he is heading straight toward the Davenport home. By some fluke ten years ago, Jim saved Serge’s life. Now Serge is ready to return the favor, watching his back at every turn and giving him advice about life in general and his marriage as well. As Jim and Serge’s escapades continue to spin inadvertently out of control, Tex McGraw gets closer and closer to eliminating Jim Davenport. One name at a time is checked off as he makes his way toward the final goal of killing off those who harmed him or his family, and Tex will not stop until Jim is dead.

Atomic Lobster is comparable to expecting the Three Stooges to become the mob and the FBI. Mr. Dorsey has written a novel that is supposed to be funny, but I found it lacking throughout most of the book. With a lot of drug use that I was uncomfortable reading about, as well as tons of unnecessary violence, I was very disappointed by the majority of this novel. With tons of characters that did not fit in, I felt the story was all jumbled, and it confused me pretty much from the beginning. On the plus side, after wading through the first half, the second half did get a little better and squeezed a couple of chuckles out of me.

Caution: This tale contains a massive amount of drug use, profanity, and violent and grotesque killings.

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