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ISBN# 9781419910951
May 2007
Ellora’s Cave
119 Pages
Light Bondage/Futuristic
Rating: 5 cups

Athima is a sevil; a cat-like woman whose kind has been sold into sexual slavery throughout the galaxy. Athima is unlike most of the sevil in that she is not meek. In fact, she is a hellcat! She falls for Alex but is afraid to trust him at first.

Alex is tired of women who are only attracted to his money. He decides that instead of marrying, he will purchase a sevil. When he first sees Athima, he falls instantly in love.

When Alex buys Athima, he thinks he will tame her, but he is sadly mistaken because Athima has no intention of being owned by anyone, no matter how attracted she is to Alex. She fights him tooth and nail until his love and gentleness finally get through to her. However, Athima holds a secret within her about the sevil that if made public will rock the universe, for Athima is more than she seems. When others who know the secret set out to harm both Alex and Athima, they must trust in their mutual love to help them survive.

Ms. Bee has written a winner with Athima in this reviewer's opinion! The sex scenes are both firecracker hot and tender, making it one of my favorite books to date. Athima’s personality and her differences make her a joy to read about. I really got a kick out of Alex as he kept getting closer to Athima’s secret, and yet still managed to miss it. The author does a fantastic job of using Alex to take the reader on that journey of discovery. I had to keep turning the pages just to discover what was going to happen next. I hope Ms. Bee writes more books in this universe because I will be first in line!

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