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ISBN# 1-4199-0726-3
October 2006
Cerridwen Press
Price Unavailable
169 Pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Helene is a top executive in her father’s company. She has no time for a relationship, and really does not care. She has been hurt badly by men in the past; first rejected by her father’s chief of security, and then by the man she used in order to forget him. Her anger has not dissipated in eight years.

Jack Paris regrets rejecting Helene’s advances eight years earlier, but she was too young for him then. She has since grown up to be his version of the perfect woman, but she has nothing but contempt for him. He has issues of his own about commitment, so it is just as well.

A kidnap threat throws Helene and Jack into each other’s company. Helene’s father trusts no one but his right hand man to take care of his eldest daughter, so they hide out at Jack’s very secluded cabin, where they find that hate is really not so far from love. An invasion of Jack’s step mom and half siblings shows Helene who Jack really is.

This is a very good story with vivid and likable characters. Helene is a very sympathetic character who is still very hurt by the men from her past. Jack is an attractive but damaged person, shaped by two very dysfunctional parents. He is very much a stable father figure to all of his brothers and sisters, in spite of the abysmal example set by his father. The story of these two finding each other as grown ups is a gripping one. Helene and Jack’s families are also well written and essential to the story. I started and finished this one in one sitting.

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