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ISBN#: 1606010638
August 2008
Siren Publishing
2500 S. Lamar Blvd., Austin, Texas 78704
316 Pages
Erotic Contemporary Romantic Adventure
Rating: 5 cups

JT Turner is a Rookie with the NASSD, and she really wants to prove herself in the spy game. Raised on stories from her Uncle Charlie, a former NASSD operative, she is determined to prove herself.

Dan Weber is a former NASSD agent who was put on vacation when he made a serious error in judgment on an operation. He just decided he was never coming back. He has been pulled back into the NASSD to help them with a little problem they have.

When someone from HQ pulls JT out of training for an operation, she thinks this is her big chance to prove to the men around her that she has what it takes to be an NASSD agent. In the process she gets shot and runs into Dan and his fellow operatives who think she is a mole and out to give some very high level technology to some Colombian terrorists. With said terrorists hot on her heels, it is just about all the group can do to survive. Sparks fly from the moment JT and Dan meet, and even though JT has a tendency to screw up big time, she still manages to get the job done, causing some of Dan's hair to turn gray in the process. In spite of the fact that neither is sure if they can trust the other, their mutual attraction is very real. However, if they do not find out just what is going on inside their agency, they could very well wind up dead before they can do anything about it.

This is one hot tamale of a book! I sat in front of my computer glued to the pages and spent most of that time just trying to figure out what was really happening. Ms. Adams writes romantic suspense like nobody's business, and does it so well I was not able to figure out the ending until I got there. The mutual attraction between JT and Dan is so blistering hot as you read the book that it is all you can do to sit still as you read it. The action scenes are written so realistically that you feel like you are right there experiencing them with JT and Dan. Another great thing about this book is that it takes place where I live in Seattle. I could picture all of the places that Ms. Adams was writing about since I have been to most of them or near them at one time or another. This really added to the realism for me. This book is worth a five cup rating and then some. It is quite simply to die for!

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