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ISBN- 9781935192831/ 9781935192848
April 13, 2009
Dreamspinner Press
Paperback/ E-book
$14.99/ $6.99
240 pages
Contemporary Romance/Gay/BDSM
Rating: 3 cups

Damian Wolfe is an artist with a flair toward the erotic. When his work is not appreciated in America, he moves to London. Meeting Ashley Winthrop, an entrepreneur in high end sex toys proves to be a life changing moment.

Nicholas is an art student with some modeling experience. Working as the assistant to Damian Wolfe puts Nicholas in the day to day art world. He claims to be a straight man, but one evening while doing some modeling for Mr. Winthrop’s new catalog, he discovers the truth at the hand of Damian.

Ashley is pushing Damian and Nicholas toward one another, sometimes subtly, sometimes more obviously. After a heart- thumping photo shoot late one evening, Damian finds he is ready to end his five year celibacy… with Nicholas. Damian is just not sure if he is the one to bring Nicholas into the erotic world of kinkiness. With a bit of training, Nicholas might be the submissive one for Damian’s dominant. Nicholas’s beauty enhances the catalog shoot and brings Damian’s dominance out of hiding.

I enjoyed the way Nicholas and Damian’s relationship changed throughout the story. The transition from employer/employee to dominant/submissive was smooth and natural. Ms. Ford is a little heavy handed with the BDSM, but considering the nature of the photo shoot, it is understandable. The story is told with a touch of humor, a fact I appreciated. The humor kept this novel from being too dark. I would encourage you to pick this up if your tastes run toward kink.

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