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ISBN# 0-9723587-8-1
August 2006
Under The Moon
364 Pages
Sci-If Erotica Romance
Rating: 2 Cups 

Lorelei Astaria comes from a herder family on the planet of Valhalla. She hears the call of the sword and leaves all she knows behind to enter the academy. There she bonds with the sword of Valhalla and two very different men, Dante and Jorran.

Dante, a fellow cadet, is Astaria’s age and of high rank. He thinks she is beneath him. Most of his emotions towards her are destructive and he is abusive. On the other hand, Jorran is older and wiser. He tries not to bond with her, but the sword has other ideas. In the end, she loves both, but her bond with loving and respectful Jorran is the stronger bond.

When civil war breaks out, Astaria and her mates are thrown into battle. Dante’s behavior towards Astaria becomes even more abusive after Astaria is raped by one of the enemy. Jorran helps her through the difficult experience, but Dante cannot handle it. It is only when Dante kills Jorran that everything changes for her. She renounces her calling, disobeys orders, and goes after Dante to kill him. But when she finds him, something has changed. Only time will tell if that change will be permanent, or if she will lose everything.

This story has the potential to be a great one. However, pairing Astaria with the abusive Dante does not fit with her personality as created by the author; it is not realistic. Further, the author eliminates characters that I feel are key to making this story a good one. In addition, the author alludes to certain resolutions, but then takes a completely different course. This was confusing for me; the choices Ms. Pray makes for these resolutions do not fit with the tone set earlier in the plot, making the story difficult to understand.

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