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ISBN# Print-978-1-60202-062-7/E-book-978-1-60202-063-4
October 2007
Linden Bay Romance, LLC
3529 Greenglen Circle, Palm Harbor, Florida 34684
Trade Paperback/E-Book
247 pages
Contemporary Romance,Paranormal Romance,Urban Fantasy Romance,Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Iris Bridge leads a normal and simple life as a nurse in Alaska. Hardly anything exciting happens but when it does, it is usually bad. Such is the case when her friend crashes his helicopter and is badly wounded. His passenger however is a different story and Iris cannot wait for him to wake up so she can talk to him.

Avi leaves the hospital while Iris is tending to the pilot. He knows he has found her at last but cannot let her near his wounds. But now that he has found her, will she believe him and return to their home world with him?

Iris is attacked by a Lor after she gets home and Avi swoops in to save her, literally. She is frozen with shock as the giant bird transforms into a white panther and then into a man. The man who was in the helicopter. After another Lor attacks her and then the doctor she works with, she believes Avi and travels to Varana with him not knowing what to expect. But now that Avi has found her, will the other Guardians treat him with respect? Can Iris find out who killed her parents before she is killed herself?

What a story! Ms. Dean brings Varana to life through very vivid descriptions and leaves the reader almost able to feel the spongy earth beneath their feet. The characters are strong even though they have been treated as underdogs most of their lives. The reader gets the feeling that both main characters are a bit insecure at times and the treatment they receive from a few other minor characters has you cheering for their cause. Ms. Dean's creativity knows no bounds in this mildly erotic masterpiece.

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